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Abtei Gerleve
“Gerleve Abbey –
a place of the Christian search for God,
of prayer and of hospitality.”
Rule of Saint Benedict, prologue 15; Ps 34, 13

Gerleve Abbey

There has been a Benedictine community at Gerleve (North-Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) for over 100 years. At present the community has 38 members. Our church is open daily between 5.15 and 20.45 h, but closed on wednesday 10.00 – 12.00 h.
Many people visit Gerleve to share in our liturgy, to listen to the Gregorian chant, to pray with us, and to seek the presence of God. The old tradition of Benedictine hospitality is very much alive in the guesthouses at Gerleve.

abtei-gerleve-36seiten-schellschmidt 36 pages Gerleve

The photos taken by Jörg Schellschmidt are showing well-known as well as unknown views of Gerleve Abbey. Monks of Gerleve Abbey are revealing what matters for them.

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abtei_gerleve_luftbild-960x899 Gerleve seen from above

A film by Tim Stracke (Waltrop) and Markus Reddig (Herne) is showing aerial images of Gerleve Abbey.

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